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As our Retail Scaleup Accelerator program concludes we are featuring some of the best Scaleups in our weekly blog posts. Next in our series of blogs is Increff, in this blog we cover Increff’s tech solutions which deliver inventory accuracy and supply chain efficiency.

Who are Increff? 

Increff enables automation for resilient retailing by helping retailers and e-commerce brands adapt to dynamic consumer expectations through best-in-class Merchandise Planning, Pricing, Allocation and Omni Channel Warehousing Solutions. The solutions are designed to drive agile, sustainable retail and e-commerce supply chains.

What are some of the pain points you solve?

  • Difficulty in placing the right inventory at the right location, at the right time
    Increff Merchandising Software enables intelligent, algorithmic merchandising for accurate assortment planning, buying, and allocation decisions. It optimizes inventory distribution for sales maximization by identifying the right inventory (styles) that need to be allocated at the right location, as per demand, to boost full-price sell-through and improve margins & revenue.
  • Inventory visibility to enable omnichannel retailing
    Increff WMS & OMS provides 100% inventory exposure to all B2B & B2C sales channels and a unified view of inventory for efficient inventory management. Increff technology serializes individual pieces of inventory to facilitate 100% inventory visibility within the warehouse for First Time-Right operations.
    Increff store fulfillment solution allows retailers to expose complete store inventory to online marketplaces and enable omnichannel easy & faster, order fulfillment with the routing and splitting feature.
  • High logistics expenses and lower efficiency in order fulfillment
    The omnichannel fulfillment solutions ensure faster order fulfillment from the nearest store/ warehouse location basis the customer’s postcode at minimum logistics costs.Increff Merchandising Software facilitates inter-store transfer, rebalancing in-season inventory by calculating which slow-moving styles should be transferred to an alternative store, where the demand for the same style is high, to promote sales and reduce overstocking.

What do you consider to be your unique selling points? 

Increff Merchandising Software:

  • Designed to handle the complexities of the fashion industry, Increff Merchandising Software is algorithm-driven to help brands make critical strategic decisions faster. It analyzes daily inventory and sales to predict demand at the individual stores
  • The platform can handle all pre-season activities like range planning and buying and in-season activities like new season allocation, daily automated replenishment, inter-store transfers, and dynamic markdowns. All these modules are fully integrated and can be implemented quickly.
  • It handles multiple use cases like festivity, seasonality, recency, new season launch, end-of-season sale, etc.

Increff Omni warehousing and order fulfillment system:

Arguably the world’s fastest OMS with near real-time (5 to10 secs) sync of orders and inventory and most accurate WMS (99.99% inventory accuracy at bin level)

  • Google-like UI/UX ensures that we can train operators within a few minutes
  • 20-25% lower manpower cost due to highly optimized picking and packing
  • We can handle more than 100k orders per day per warehouse

Which retailers do you currently work with?

Our award-winning solutions, recognized in Gartner reports, power well-known international and national brands like B&Q, Wincanton, Celio, Puma, Levis, Benetton, DCK, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, etc.

What were the key benefits of being on the Uk Scaleup program?

The scale-up program was a great opportunity for Increff to showcase its suite of retail tech solutions to UK retailers. We interacted with several retail brands to discuss the problems they are facing in managing inventory efficiently, merchandise planning, replenishment, assortment and distribution. The format of the program of virtual interactions followed by an in-person innovation summit helped in establishing good connections with the retailers

What are your key next steps?

The innovation summit highlighted various challenges being faced in the retail space. We will reconnect with the brands to take the discussions ahead after the summit. We look forward to offering our supply chain tech solutions to address the challenges faced by the industry

How would you like interested UK customers and partners to connect with you? 

If you think that Increff’s solutions can add value to your supply chain, contact their co-founder Anshuman at and +44 7423 550144

Working with the UK Launchpad

The UK Launchpad works with international ScaleUps to bring innovative solutions to UK Retailers. If you’re a ScaleUp or a Retailer and would like to see how we can help you, please contact us at

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