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As our Retail Scaleup Accelerator program concludes, we are featuring some of the best Scaleups in our weekly blog posts. Next in our series of blogs is MellowVans and its unique solution in the logistics and transportation domain.

Who are MellowVans? 

We create low-cost vehicles, and high-capacity light electric delivery vehicles. They are unique in a niche market segment, replacing both cargo bike-type deliveries often used in the food delivery category and light van-based deliveries, used for e-commerce and post and parcels.

They are attractive and eye-catching, with a class-leading range, capacity, and safety features. Each vehicle runs at less than a dollar per day in operational cost, provides over 120 km of range, and features 2.4 cubic meters of space, which is more than enough for most urban deliveries. They have been developed with feedback from some of the world’s leading e-commerce and delivery companies.

MellowVans vehicles are safe and feature full internet of things functionality, combined with bespoke client-specific offerings like cold-chain and sensing features.

What are some of the pain points you solve?

Our vehicle is the ideal size for e-commerce and retail delivery clients. Bigger vehicles often run at less than 60% capacity. Motorcycles and cargo bikes (which are very popular in Europe) just don’t have enough carrying capacity to deal with heavier and more deliveries.

What do you consider to be your unique selling points? 

  • Class-leading cargo bin size (2.4 cubic meters)
  • Class L2 Vehicle, which has distinct advantages, including lower insurance premiums over larger vehicles, and increased access to restricted areas like bicycle lanes, and inner-city areas.
  • On-board charging capability. Enabling the vehicle to be charged anywhere, and not dependent on charging infrastructure.
  • Modular adaptability in cargo bin (racking options etc.)
  • Strong branding platform, adding an extra revenue stream.
  • Full IoT system, enabling a range of data streams to and from the vehicle.
  • Competitive price point

Which retailers do you currently work with?

  • Spar South Africa
  • DHL
  • Takealot – The largest online Retailer in South Africa

What were the key benefits of being on the Uk Scaleup program?

Being on UK Launchpad’s Scaleup Program helped us get introduced to multiple potential customers in the UK market

What are your key next steps? 

Our immediate step is to continue engaging with our potential customers and to attract more customers to our delivery solution

If you think that MellowVans and their vehicles can have a positive impact on your transportation and logistics, you can contact them via e-mail at, or

Working with the UK Launchpad

The UK Launchpad works with international Scaleups to bring innovative solutions to UK Retailers. If you’re a Scaleup or a Retailer and would like to see how we can help you, please contact us at

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